Analog.Man Peppermint Fuzz

KNOBS Volume, Fuzz, Buzz, internal trimpot
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KNOBS Volume, Fuzz, Buzz, internal trimpot

SOUNDS Inspired by the Strawberry Alarm Clock’s seminal psychedelic fuzz-soaked classic, “Incense and Peppermints.” The key to the Peppermint Fuzz’s mojo lies in the Buzz control, as it allows you to easily ape the bawdy buzz of the psychedelic era, with lean low-end and a punishing, ultra-tactile square wave. It also delivers choked, spitty, gated, sitar-like textures, as well as rich, almost Fuzz Face-esque fatness with a punchy low-end response and a singing, squawky midrange. A very impressive array of fuzzy flavors.

WHO’S IT FOR? Players who want a dynamic, killer fuzz that goes from buzz to fat and all points in-between. This versatile pedal offers a staggering array of sounds and is especially sensitive to your picking attack, cleaning up for crystalline tones even when set to its fuzziest fury.


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