Alex Skolnick, Bruce Arnold, Mimi Fox, Jane Getter & Stuart Hamm Music Masters Camp

June 30-July 4th, 2014 at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskill Mountains, New York.

We are very excited about our first Workshop at Full Moon Resort. This venue has had years of experience hosting great camps every summer, and is located in the idyllic Catskill mountains. It is a perfect place to have fun while learning from the fantastic team of educators we have assembled. The Full Moon Resort is a great place to learn but it's also a gorgeous vacation spot so bring your family along and they can enjoy the natural beauty of the setting while you get down to your musical activities.

The Guitar Intensive Workshop is composed of some of the greatest players and educators including: Bruce Arnold, Mimi Fox, Jane Getter, Stuart Hamm and Alex Skolnick. This group of clinicians can cover styles ranging from blues to straight ahead jazz, rock, country, blues, and metal. These clinicians were hand picked because in addition to being master players, each has proven their dedication to music education.

Finding a great musician who can teach and who cares about their students is very rare. These clinicians will really help you to analyze your musicianship skills and give you targeted exercises and techniques to make you the best musician you can be. Each one of these master musicians also has their own personal takes on music that they will share with you during the week. Just to give you a taste of what we are talking about, Bruce Arnold will discuss the "Pitch Class Set" ideas that form the basis of his signature sound. Bruce Arnold of course, is also known for his large resource of educational materials that help students get the best experience through distance learning. You will be able to use his ideas for many years after leaving the workshop. Mimi Fox, who is considered by many to be the finest solo Jazz Guitar Player around will share her insights and tips. Stuart Hamm is in a league by himself, with his formidable solo bass playing --not to mention his ability to play every style of music. Alex Skolnick may be most widely know for his Metal playing, but is a walking example of how hard work and dedication leads to great musicianship skills, and the ability to play in any genre. Last but certainly not least, we are lucky to have Jane Getter on board. Jane is a great clinician, and has many unique concepts that she will present. Her knowledge of Blues, Rock and Jazz and how to blend them is well known among the cognoscenti.What makes these workshops so different from others is that as a team we will evaluate your musicianship and give you assignments designed specifically for you, to improve your skills.

A student of any level is welcome, although we do encourage you to contact Bruce Arnold before registering, to see if there are any things that you could do to prepare for the Workshop. After the Workshop, the students will have access to the Muse Eek Publishing Website, where they can continue their education through downloads of free educational materials and keep in touch via email correspondence, if they have questions. Many of these clinicians also offer online lessons in various formats so if you want to keep in touch and continue your music education you will have this special access.

The first 25 registrants get the following!

15% promotional discount off camp price.
90-day free enrollment card to truefire TV ($60 value)
$100.00 free digital downloads from

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