Tool Fast-Track Their New Album Now That 8-Year Lawsuit Has Ended

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Tool are working on songs for a new album after a long-running lawsuit was settled in the band’s favor earlier this month.

Guitarist Adam Jones told Yahoo! Music that the band has finished one track and has 10 more songs in various stages of completion. He said it’s even possible that the album could be completed by the end of the year, though he’s emphasized that the band won’t set arbitrary deadlines for its work.

“Our greatest strength is jamming and coming up with stuff,” Jones says. “We’re doing that really well now and I’m excited about everything we’re working on.

“Some of it’s really heavy, some of it’s complex and some is more atmospheric, but it’s definitely Tool. I think having this lawsuit out of the way should really speed of the progress of getting the album done.”

The eight-year lawsuit cost the band millions in legal fees and delayed work on their follow-up to 10,000 Days, the band’s fourth album, released in 2006.

“We would have had an album out a long time ago,” Jones says. “We would have been taking more tours. But we’ve been discouraged and distracted by this major lawsuit.”

The band’s problems date back to 2007, when a Tool employee claimed that he created art for the band and demanded credit. The band assumed its insurance company would handle the matter. The company refused and then sued Tool when the band questioned the legality of their refusal.

The case was delayed in the L.A. courts for years. On the day that the trial was scheduled to begin, the venue was moved to a North Los Angeles courthouse before a new judge who moved things right along.

“You know what his name was?” Jones asks. “Randy Rhodes! I knew the power of metal and my appreciation of metal was someday going to be like a guardian angel.

“But he was great. He came in and took over, and he’s the reason the whole thing is finally over.”

Jone says that the lawsuit was just one factor in the band delaying new material. One of Tool’s members has been dealing with what appears to be a serious health issue. Jones won’t reveal more out of deference to his band mate. “But one thing was a really scary do-or-die, serious illness and that was really scary,” he says. “When you’re trying to write music and you have that eating away at you…it’s distracting.”

Jones, bassist Justin Chancellor and drummer Danny Carey are now waiting to schedule singer Maynard James Keenan to track his vocals. Keenan wrote on his Facebook page that he’s “as anxious to get this album completed as everyone else, but as history will show, you can’t rush these gents.”