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Watch This Guitarist Nail Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover" - Blindfolded

Even if we had 48 hours a day to do so, we'd never have enough time to highlight all of the great guitar work that lands in our inboxes here at Guitar Player. This video, however, was an immediate "drop what you're doing and tell everyone about this" situation. 

In it, L.A.-based guitarist Dre DiMura nails Eric Johnson's instrumental classic, "Cliffs of Dover" - blindfolded! You can check it out above. 

The Diamante guitarist - good-looking Schecter in hand - gets just about everything spot-on, no easy task even with your eyes open! Personally, after this, we'd love to see a DiMura/Johnson "Cliffs of Dover" guitar duet...

For more of DiMura's videos, follow him on YouTube.