Watch Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie's Impassioned TV Performance of "Feel About You"

Christine McVie (left) and Lindsey Buckingham perform onstage at Humphrey's on October 19, 2017 in San Diego, California
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Last week (November 30), Christine McVie – the keyboardist, vocalist, and songwriter who penned and sang some of Fleetwood Mac's biggest and most unforgettable hits – sadly passed away at the age of 79.

Through the band's very well-documented ups and downs and interpersonal turmoil, McVie was in large part a beacon of stability, a sharp songwriter who could also mediate between the band's oft-warring camps. 

Though she didn't make significant contributions to the band's most recent album of original material, 2003's Say You Will (she does play keyboards on one tune, and sings backing vocals on two), McVie did team up with the band's now-estranged guitarist, Lindsey Buckingham, in 2017 for an album titled simply Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie.

Featuring John McVie on bass guitar and Mick Fleetwood on drums, Buckingham/McVie – though released to much less fanfare than the previous decade's Say You Will – is essentially a Fleetwood Mac album sans Stevie Nicks.

Below, you can see Buckingham and McVie perform an excellent version of one of the album's highlights, "Feel About You," on CBS This Morning in 2017.

Playing his usual Turner Model 1 acoustic-electric guitar, Buckingham gets a beautiful lead break around halfway in, while showcasing his and McVie's sharp vocal harmonies throughout. 

Few songwriters of theirs or any generation could writer killer choruses with such consistency, and the one that powers "Feel About You" is certainly no exception.

"Christine McVie’s sudden passing is profoundly heartbreaking," Buckingham wrote in a statement on social media after learning of McVie's death. "Not only were she and I part of the magical family of Fleetwood Mac, to me Christine was a musical comrade, a friend, a soul mate, a sister.

"For over four decades, we helped each other create a beautiful body of work and a lasting legacy that continues to resonate today. I feel very lucky to have known her. Though she will be deeply missed, her spirit will live on through that body of work and that legacy."

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