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Share the Love and Donate a Digital Guitar Player Subscription to an Essential Worker of Your Choice

(Image credit: Future)

During the coronavirus pandemic, we here at Guitar Player have been lucky enough to be able to do our jobs from the comfort of our homes. We know however, that millions of hardworking folks have continued to report to their jobs in person, despite the risks in doing so.

With that in mind, we decided to do our part in saying thank you to our essential workers.

Right now, if you purchase a year-long print subscription to Guitar Player, you can gift a year-long digital subscription to an essential worker of your choice!

Those interested can purchase, and donate, a subscription at My Favourite Magazines.

Buyers will receive an email about 3-5 days after their transaction is complete, asking for the name and email address of the person they want the donated subscription to go to and why. Once the form is processed, an acknowledgement email will be sent to that unsung hero.

Your print subscription will come in the mail to you for the next 12 issues. The donated subscription will be sent via email for the next 12 issues.

Again, to purchase, and gift, a Guitar Player subscription, stop by My Favourite Magazines.