Save Up to 25% On Positive Grid's Awesome Smart Amps In The Amazon Prime Day Sale

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We’re huge fans of Positive Grid here at Guitar Player, so we’re very happy to see discounts of up to 25% off on a selection of their smart amps in the Amazon Prime Day sale. Already great value for money, these tempting deals are the perfect way to get your chops in tip-top shape with their smart practice tools and a fantastic selection of tones.

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Positive Grid Spark & Travel Bag: Was $359, now $269

Positive Grid Spark & Travel Bag: Was $359, now $269
Take your practice wherever you are with the Positive Grid Spark 40 and matching Travel Bag. As well as one of the best desktop amps you also get a water-resistant bag that will put up with life on the road for just $269. There are loads of great tones and practice tools packed into the Spark 40 and with a saving of $90, this tasty amplifier just got even more tempting. 

Positive Grid Spark: Was $299, now $239

Positive Grid Spark: Was $299, now $239
If you want to improve your practice or enhance your songwriting, the Positive Grid Spark 40 is the perfect accompaniment. Small enough to fit on a desktop yet powerful enough to fill the room with glorious tone, it’s currently reduced to just $239 in the Amazon Prime Day Sale, giving you a nice saving of $60.

Positive Grid Spark Mini: Was $229, now $183

Positive Grid Spark Mini: Was $229, now $183
It may be small, but trust us, the Positive Grid Spark Mini packs a hefty punch. We were shocked when we first dialed up the volume knob on ours such was the quality and volume of the tone emanating from such a small unit. If you’re still not convinced, then how about a nice $46 discount? In the Amazon Prime Day sale, the Spark Mini is down to just $183, making it even better value for money.

Currently topping our best desktop guitar amps, the Positive Grid Spark 40 impressed us massively with its quality of tone. There are loads of great sounds whether you want pristine cleans or filthy high gain. Add in a load of high-quality effects and you have the perfect palette for practicing your favorite songs or honing your own creative efforts.

The Positive Grid Spark Mini is also discounted, which does everything the Spark 40 does but at a much smaller scale. We’ve owned the Spark Mini for just shy of a year now and it’s fast become a regular part of our practice regimen. Whether we’re honing our knowledge of modes or creating fresh riffs and licks for our band, the Spark Mini offers a quick and easy way to great tone that won’t disturb the rest of the household.

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