Reverend Debuts New Six Gun HPP Guitar

Reverend Six Gun HPP in Avocado Burst
(Image credit: Reverend Guitars)

Reverend has unveiled its new Six Gun HPP electric guitar.

The Six Gun HPP is highlighted by its unique pickup combination, a bridge humbucker plus a pair of P-90s. Reverend says that the humbucker produces tougher, more aggressive sounds while the P-90s err toward cleaner tones. With the guitar's five-way switch, players can mix and match between the three as they please. A bass-contour control knob, for further tweaking, comes aboard the guitar as well.

Offered in four finishes, the Six Gun HPP features either a Pau Ferro fingerboard (with the Coffee Burst and Chronic Blue finishes) or a roasted maple fingerboard (with the Avocado Burst and Midnight Black finishes).  

Like its Reverend brethren, the guitar also boasts a korina body and roasted maple neck. 

Other familiar Reverend features include the guitar's Wilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo, Pin-Lock tuners, Boneite nut, and dual action truss rod.

The Reverend Six Gun HPP is available now. UK retailers have listed the model at £879, (~$1,200), though we'll update this story when we hear of the model's official U.S. price.

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