Lava Music Launches New Smart Guitar – the Blue Lava

Lava Music Blue Lava
(Image credit: Lava Music)

High-tech instrument builder Lava Music has been making noises in the guitar world in recent times with some profoundly futuristic designs.

Adding to their already extensive range is the Blue Lava – the firm’s latest smart guitar. This follows up the release of the Lava Me 3 last December.

As per its predecessor, the Blue Lava is a touchscreen-equipped carbon fiber instrument. It runs on an operating system called HILAVA and is preinstalled with the latest version which includes upgrades, as well as some new effects and rhythms.

Lava Music Blue Lava

(Image credit: Lava Music)

The Blue Lava is generously packed with a plethora of effects options including reverbs, delays and modulation. These effects can be combined and edited in detail to produce some unique tones.

When it comes to looping, the Blue Lava is able to support up to three tracks in simultaneous playback, while a large selection of rhythms are available to enhance performance and creativity.

It’s a fun, easy and potentially less expensive alternative to using discrete units, power supplies and audio cables, if all you want to do is simply pick up and play.

And with training apps for ear/pitch, scales, timing, chord transition and more, the Blue Lava can also serve as a useful tool for expanding your essential skills as a guitarist.

Furthermore, by using the LAVA+ mobile app, Blue Lava owners can join the worldwide Lava community and share their ideas with other musicians.

Lava Music Blue Lava

(Image credit: Lava Music)

The Blue Lava’s high pressure laminate body is reportedly able to withstand extreme temperatures (-4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity (10 to 90 per cent), further adding to its appeal as a travel guitar.

It comes in a variety of finishes including Sail White, Midnight Black, Ice Blue/Ocean Blue, Aqua Green/Mint Green, and Coral Pink/Lavender.

For more information head to the Lava Music website.

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