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Kirk Hammett's "One" ESP 400 Series S-Type is on the Auction Block

Kirk Hammett using an ESP 400 Series S-Type
(Image credit: Metallica/YouTube/Heritage Auctions)

The ESP 400 Series S-Type guitar that Metallica's Kirk Hammett used in the music video for the band's 1988 classic, "One," is on the auction block.

The autographed, 7.9 pound guitar – which is in "excellent" condition, according to its listing – features a rosewood slab neck, Floyd Rose-style trem, a trio of single-coil pickups, a natural finish, and black hardware.

The guitar is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity – also signed by Hammett – and its original hard case.

Kirk Hammett's ESP 400 Series S-Type

(Image credit: Heritage Auctions)

The current bid for the guitar – the auction for which is being held by Heritage Auctions – is $26,000. Bidding for the guitar ends this Sunday, April 11.

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