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Jeep Teams Up with Wallace Detroit Guitars to Create Electric Guitar Made of 100-Year-Old Wood

Jeep's new Wallace Detroit-made guitar
(Image credit: Jeep)

When one hears the word "Jeep," certain images inevitably spring to mind. An image of a guitar, however, probably isn't one of them.

The iconic car manufacturer though, has teamed up with boutique builder Wallace Detroit Guitars to create an electric guitar like no other.

For starters, the guitar is built with old growth reclaimed pine sourced from Detroit's historic Packard auto plant, and boasts a Jeep-brand Army Star graphic on the front, hand-applied by a branding iron. On the back, there's a hand-painted Jeep logo and, amazingly, a topographical map of Detroit.

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Jeep's new Wallace Detroit-made guitar

(Image credit: Jeep)
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Jeep's new Wallace Detroit-made guitar

(Image credit: Jeep)

Elsewhere, the Jeep-branded instrument has a maple neck and fretboard, a deluxe beveled edge white pickguard, and chrome hardware with a traditional bridge.

Sonically, the guitar boasts a single coil pickup in the bridge position and a humbucker in the neck that – in another killer visual touch – boasts a graphic of Jeep’s famous grille design. Controls come in the form of individual master volume and tone knobs, and a three-way switch.

A guitar strap – made of recycled car seat belts – is also included with the guitar.

A man plays Jeep's Wallace Detroit-built guitar

(Image credit: Wallace Detroit Guitars)

The Wallace Detroit Jeep guitar can be preordered now for $2,900. Due to the unique way the wood for the guitar is sourced, no two of the Jeep guitars will look exactly the same.

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