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Hear David Gilmour and Peter Green's Unique Version of Fleetwood Mac’s "Need Your Love So Bad"

David Gilmour (left) and Peter Green
(Image credit: Neil Lupin/Redferns/Getty Images, George Wilkes/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

As part of the release of The Albatross Man, an upcoming coffee table book about the life of Peter Green, a unique recording of Fleetwood Mac’s "Need Your Love So Bad" – featuring Green and David Gilmour – has been released. 

This particular recording is built around a 1968 tape cassette demo Green recorded in his mother's attic, around which Gilmour recently added electric and acoustic guitar parts. 

Produced by Laurie Latham, the recording was given Green's seal of approval shortly before he passed away on July 25, 2020. You can give it a listen below.

“This version of Need Your Love So Bad started life as a home recorded vocal by Peter Green in 1968 using a domestic tape recorder,” read a statement from Rufus Publications, the publisher of The Albatross Man.

“Producer Laurie Latham took the vocal track and with the full input of legendary Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour created a new musical landscape for this classic blues track.”

Featuring rare images, memorabilia, lyrics and notes from Green’s Fleetwood Mac days, The Albatross Man can be preordered now, and will ship in October. Green worked on the book with Mark Smith for the last four years of his life, and had complete creative control over its contents.

For more info on the book, and to preorder it, stop by

The cover of the new Peter Green coffee table book, 'The Albatross Man'

(Image credit: Rufus Publications )