Gibson Announces New Dave Mustaine Collection Guitars

Dave Mustaine
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Gibson has revealed the first four models in its new Dave Mustaine Collection, confirming a long-rumored collaboration that will, the company says, result in new Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer models. 

Thus far, the collection includes three new Vs – two Gibson Vs and one Kramer V – and, in a bit of an unexpected twist, a new acoustic guitar. The collection also marks the end of the Megadeth frontman's 15-year relationship with Dean Guitars.

As is usually the case with new Gibsons, specs and details of the new models are hard to come by at the moment, but you can check out photos of each of them – the Dave Mustaine Flying V 30th Anniversary ‘Rust in Peace’ Edition, the Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP in Metallic Silver, the Kramer Dave Mustaine Flying V Vanguard in Natural, and the Dave Mustaine CF-100 Blood Burst – below.

Though Gibson's announcement of the new line came with the promise of new Epiphone models, no specifics about any Epiphone Mustaine signatures have been made public as of press time.

In terms of prices, if we had to guess, the Gibson trio will more than likely come in at the very high-end (the Rust in Peace V especially), while the Kramers and Epiphones will cover the mid-price and more affordable ends, respectively.

“One of first albums I ever bought was Kiss Alive. On the back of that LP was the Gibson logo, followed by ‘Kiss uses Gibson Guitars because they want the best’. Period,” Mustaine said of the announcement in a press release. 

“Years later, I’m still that same fan, but now I’ve been playing, touring, writing, and performing around the world myself, and I can say that I could not agree more with that statement. 

"As I was looking for a change in my guitars, I met with Cesar [Gueikian, Gibson's Chief Merchant Officer] and got his perspective on the vision and direction Gibson is taking. I saw passion, respect for the instruments, a focus on quality, and a company that is led by guitar players. I feel I am finally at home with Gibson and I am proud of what we’re building together. 

"I can’t wait for the world to get their hands on the new Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer Dave Mustaine Collection guitars. 

We'll be sure to update you with more info about the Dave Mustaine Collection as we receive it.

For now though, keep an eye on

Gibson has unveiled its new Dave Mustaine Collection of guitars

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