Fender Might Be Overhauling Its American Professional Series

Fender American Professional Series
(Image credit: Future)

Since launching in 2016, Fender’s American Professional Series has made quite the mark on the mid-to-high-priced electric guitar market - but it seems the line is in for a revamp.

A recent thread on the Fender Reddit (opens in new tab) page begins, “Hey guys, so I just heard from a local music store that they are no longer going to be receiving the American Professional Series instruments due to them being discontinued though I can’t find anything online about this. Has anyone heard anything like this?”

While Reddit is often the internet’s go-to for hearsay and speculation, it would seem there’s something to be gleaned from the post. Upon further investigation, we found that Fender’s website is only offering the series’ Stratocaster in one finish (Candy Apple Red), and the Telecaster in two.

As further evidence, Gearnews.com (opens in new tab) contacted the guitar giant about the matter, receiving a reply stating, “some American Professional lines are currently being phased out” and guitarists can “expect future product launches.”

Back in 2019, Fender’s CEO Andy Mooney told Reverb (opens in new tab) that the company “cut our life cycle for products to four years as opposed to seven.” As the series was first unveiled four years ago, we might be in for some new guitars very soon.

Fender has already unveiled tons of new products this month, so a revamp of the American Professional Series isn’t totally out of the question for this year, is it? Either way, we’ll keep you posted.