Ever Seen an Electric Guitar Made of 50lbs of Salt?

YouTuber Burls Art has made a name for himself creating some of the most ambitious guitar designs we've ever seen, from the colored pencil Strat - the video of which now boasts an amazing 31 million YouTube views - to an electric guitar constructed entirely of paper.

Now he's taken it to another level - which we recognize is a tough feat for such a creator - in what he's calling his most bizarre idea yet.

For his latest project, the innovative luthier obtained 50lbs of pink Himalayan salt and used it to create a fully functional electric guitar.

In the making-of video above, Burls Art shows the salt being cut and topped with a layer of epoxy, before being moulded into a Telecaster-style shape.

As you'd expect, the material presented numerous construction problems, including finish and pressure cracking while drilling the string ferrule holes. The YouTuber even abandoned installing a neck pickup for fear of further damage, turning the guitar into more of an Esquire-style than a Telecaster-style.

The guitar is quite the monster, too, weighing in at 22 1/2lbs, so you'd better get in shape before sporting this one on stage.

To demonstrate the axe's full functionality, Burls finishes the clip with a tasty looped fingerstyle performance through a Yamaha THR10.