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Celestion Debuts New G12M-50 Hempback Speaker

Celestion's new G12M-50 Hempback speaker
(Image credit: Celestion)

The speaker specialists at Celestion have unveiled their latest creation, the G12M-50 Hempback.

A 50W design, the Hempback's name is inspired by its hemp cone – chosen for its unique tonal characteristics. It features a ceramic magnet that weighs in at 35oz and – according to Celestion – is ideal for mellowing out brighter-voiced amps.

Elsewhere, the Hempback packs a formidable low-end punch and a nice and balanced midrange, while still retaining smoothness and clarity on the higher end.

A price and release date for the Celestion G12M-50 Hempback speaker have yet to be announced.

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