NAMM 2016: New Version 8 of MagicScore Guitar Tab and Notation Software Available Now

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eMedia Music Corp., developer and distributor award-winning music software, has begun shipping version 8 of the highly acclaimed MagicScore Guitar notation software by Maestro Music Software.

MagicScore Guitar offers guitarists and other fretted instrumentalists powerful and easy tablature and notation software at a breakthrough price. Version 8 delivers a fast, enhanced workflow, and allows guitarists to work simultaneously with tab and/or notation and synchronize their display if desired.

Arrangements can be played back using a full-range of instrument sounds (drums, bass, keyboards, strings, etc.) using the included custom sound bank and you can export an audio mix to share with others. An exptensive number of tools are available to make writing music easier for guitarists, including symbol libraries and playback support for bends, vibratos, and alternate tunings, a virtual guitar fretboard to make input easier, and built-in chord diagrams and libraries that are user extensible so you can create your own voicings.

For all fretted instrumentalists (7-string guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, etc.), MagicScore Guitar delivers the crucial tools needed to compose, arrange, transcribe, and learn music. It’s also a great tool for working with those thousands of .gp4 interactive tabs and .mid song files found on the internet. Use the powerful MIDI playback capabilities in the software to slow down song tempos and loop sections to help you learn difficult parts.

Whether you are writing for solo classical guitar or just need a way to create charts for rock bands or Worship ensembles, MagicScore Guitar has what you need.


  • Tools for creating engraver-quality music notation for guitar and other instruments.
  • Support for tablature, standard music notation, or both in one composition.
  • Easy switching between tab and standard notation that are kept synchronized.
  • Easy entry of chord diagrams with a library of standard chord fingerings.
  • Customizable chord library for creating your own chord voicings.
  • Quick entry of standard music symbols with an extensible library.
  • Ability to create tabs for guitar (6- and 7-string) in standard, drop, and open tunings plus support for bass, banjo, and ukulele tablature with the ability to add your own custom instruments and tunings.
  • Notation and sound playback support for guitar and bass techniques including bends, glissandos, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Use the Piano Roll Editor to make your guitar tabs sound their best! You also get selectable wide or narrow vibrato effects.
  • The Active Focus function provides quick access to the most important notation tools without any searching.
  • Printing for entire compositions or individual instrumental parts.
  • Drum, keyboard, strings, woodwind, and other instrument notation tools and sounds let you create charts for a whole band.
  • Velocity Editor, Piano Roll Editor, MIDI Events Editor, Sound Editor, and Tempo Editor; powerful tools that help you finesse the audio playback of your composition.
  • Import/export MP3 and WAV audio files to add an audio track and share your compositions with others as audio.
  • Import/export notes and tabs in GP4, MusicXML, MIDI, and KAR (Karaoke) formats to access thousands of interactive tabs and songs found on the internet, and exchange projects with other applications.
  • Export as PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF, WMF, or EMF for high-quality printing or to use on websites and in other applications.
  • Publish scores via the MagicScore Music portal or simple HTML export.
  • A comprehensive and interactive help system.

MagicScore Guitar is available through retail and online music stores in the US and Canada and via the eMedia Music website. 

For more information, visit the eMedia Music website.