Epic Fails Can Actually Help Productivity

When my hard disk crashed, I actually began finishing tracks.
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When I go through the “music projects” folder on my external hard drive, I can see the years of projects that I’ve started. The “finished” folder, on the other hand, is practically empty. I have 20 to 30 times as many unfinished tracks as I do finished ones. As I started more and more tracks, the difference became even greater. So I tried to really focus on one song. Then, I drifted to two or three. Soon, I was back where I started.

It wasn’t until my external drive fell out of my backpack and hit the ground hard that anything really changed. Three years of music, samples, and loops gone in less than a second.

However, the experience was extremely freeing and educational. I no longer had control over the fate of all those started ideas. They were finished whether I liked it or not. I no longer felt guilty for ignoring projects while I created new ones. Honestly, losing all my samples was more painful. To avoid that, I made a backup for my new collection of projects and samples.

A few months have passed since and I’ve finished several tracks. I no longer have the overbearing weight of my previous songs.