Editor Boy's Captain America Guitar

The release of Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Solider unmasks a goofy obsession.
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It's not the kind of thing a mature adult should engage in, but I've never been able to shake my love of Captain America. Since childhood, I've devoured the Marvel comics, watched some horrible Captain America TV movies and the kitschy late-1940s serial, collected action figures and other Cap-themed gizmos (badges, artwork, the recent Peavey/Marvel Captain America guitar), and bought probably every Cap t-shirt offered for sale around the world.

But I think my guitar-playing friends really thought I'd gone too far when I "Cap-ified" a boutique and custom Tele-style model made for me by Grant Baldwin of California Guitars. Grant prides himself on making vintage-style instruments in the "Leo Fender" mold, and I may have inadvertently caused him to shed a tear or two when I started gigging with his beauty emblazoned with stickers and a Captain America shield pickguard. Well, if you know the story, Cap is pretty "vintage," so perhaps this modification isn't as off base as one might think.

And, yeah, I was first in line at my local movie theater for the opening of The Winter Soldier. Should I be embarrassed? Your call, readers...

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