Z.Vex Vexter Series Fuzz Probe

KNOBS Volume, Gate, Comp, Drive, Stab (Stability)

$219 street

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KNOBS Volume, Gate, Comp, Drive, Stab (Stability)

SOUNDS Designer Zachary Vex calls it a “a cross between a Theremin and a Fuzz Factory”—an apt description. The Fuzz Probe unleashes ferocious, psychotic fuzz tones with a shimmering midrange attack and globs of sustain. The terrifying part is that you can also produce squeals, burps, bleeps, screeches, gurgles,’50s sci-fi -flick buzzes that swoop and swell, buffalo farts, and agitated robot shrieks by moving feet, fingers, or any other fleshy bit over the Fuzz Probe’s antenna plate.

WHO’S IT FOR? Madmen! Iconoclasts! Aural terrorists! This pedal is an unruly, almost unmanageable Pandora’s Box of alien soundscapes. Courageous wackos who endeavor to surprise, astound, and/or totally piss off bandmates and audience members must have a Fuzz Probe in their arsenal.

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