Will Rays eBay Strategies

Auction Item: Roland Micro Cube AmpWinning Bid: $76.66

First rolled out by Roland last year, the Micro Cube has been described as the iPod of amps. Because it’s a fairly new product, I searched Yahoo and Google for the amp features and the price ($149 list/$125 street). I discovered there were usually six Micros being auctioned at a time. This one started out at $50, and it stayed there for most of the auction. I loaded the auction into eSnipe with a bid of $76.66, and forgot all about it until I was notified I had won—by just 16 cents!

Remember, always check the shipping price before you bid on an item. If one isn’t listed, e-mail the seller to nail it down, because a great buy can quickly sour into a so-so deal if the seller gouges you on shipping. In this case, the $15 charge was reasonable.

When the Micro Cube arrived, I could not believe my ears. This is the best-sounding portable amp I have ever played. It has seven COSM amp models, lots of great effects, a line out for recording, and a generous 20-hour battery life. This amp has forever changed my mind about modeling amps.