Toadworks Phantasm Dynamic Phaser

Toadworks has been making some big ripples in the pedal pond with innovative features, solid construction, and very solid tones. The Phantasm Phaser ($450 retail/$375 street), the company’s flagship pedal, packs a lot of features into its 7.2" x 4.6" package. This box does sweet, analog phaser tones really well, so if you want classic phase shifting, you’ll find it here. The circuit is deep enough, however, to give you a lot of left-of-center tones reminiscent of vibrato, auto wah, and flange too.

Things get really interesting when you kick on the two switches labeled ACD (Attack-Controlled Depth) and ACS (Attack-Controlled Sweep) and start messing with their respective Sensitivity knobs. These allow you to regulate how the effect responds to your picking attack. It takes some getting used to, but the manual’s Toad Funk sample setting is a great starting point with its bitchin’ envelope filter-style tone. Toadworks also provides a trigger input for controlling the depth or sweep with an external source such as a drum machine—wild. This great-sounding, forward-thinking effect is unlike anything on the market. Top notch and worthy of an Editors’ Pick Award. —Matt Blackett

Rich phasing with unique features and huge control.


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