The Sounds

Dying To Say This To You

When your fan base is comprised of names such as Dave Grohl, Bam Margera, Pharrell Williams, and Patrick Wong (err… scratch that last guy), you know something is going on. Such is the case for the Sounds. Although the group sports a definite ’80’s retro vibe, the Sounds adhere to the principle that if you make it your own and make it good, then the rest doesn’t matter. Not only does guitarist Felix Rodriquez fire off catchy riffs and

hypnotic melodies with aplomb, the group’s recent Warped Tour performances—as well as road stints with the Foo Fighters and the Strokes—seem to have seasoned the Sounds, as Dying comes off with more punch and swagger than the group’s debut, Living In America. Produced by Jeff Saltzman (the Killers), the album also sports contributions from James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins), Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead), and many others. (New Line).