THD Electronics sells Yellow Jacket Tube Converter line to CE Manufacturing

THD Electronics, Ltd. announced today it has sold its Yellow Jacket TubeConverter line to CE Manufacturing, LLC.

THD Electronics, Ltd. announced today it has sold its Yellow Jacket Tube
line to CE Manufacturing, LLC. The sale includes the Yellow Jacket
trademark, the THD designs, and the know-how to allow for a seamless transfer
of the line. CE Manufacturing will continue to produce the hand made, high
quality, and well respected Yellow Jacket tube converters that musicians love.
They will be made in the U.S.A. using the same quality materials at CE’s
headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. The Yellow Jackets will be distributed through
CE Distribution, LLC, a sister company.

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Yellow Jackets are specialized adapters which permit the use of EL84/6BQ5
power tubes in place of 6V6-, 6L6-, and EL34-family tubes and 7591 types.
Because the Yellow Jackets ignore the amplifier’s grid bias voltage, it is possible
to take them in and out at will to adjust your power level and sound for the
individual gig or session.
Andy Marshall, President of THD said, “The sale of the Yellow Jackets will allow
us to concentrate on our core products, especially our Hot Plates. CE was the
natural choice to purchase the line because for years, they have been our largest
Yellow Jacket customer.”
Noreen Cravener, President of CE Manufacturing and CE Distribution remarked,
“We are pleased to have made this purchase and have enjoyed working with
Andy and THD throughout the process. We assure our customers we will
maintain THD’s high standards of quality and excellent customer service.”
CE Manufacturing, LLC and CE Distribution, LLC, are subsidiaries of Campanella
Enterprises, LP. CE Distribution also supplies vacuum tubes, parts, supplies
and literature to the music and sound industries.
CE Manufacturing, LLC CE Distribution, LLC
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Tempe, AZ 85283 Tempe, AZ 85283