Stevie Ray Vaughan

Pride and Joy [Epic]

This collection of videos is an intriguing, thrilling, and occasionally hilarious retrospective on the dearly departed Stevie Ray Vaughan. The MTV videos for “Love Struck Baby” and “Cold Shot” are fun to watch, and it’s mind-blowing to think that someone could get on MTV playing so much guitar. The concert footage is the coolest, however, and Stevie simply slays on every note. You get awesome close-ups of SRV’s hands in the rocking live version of “I’m Leaving You,” as well as massive doses of his humongous tone and the wickedest vibrato of all time. On the MTV Unplugged tunes, Vaughan shreds on a Guild 12-string, which serves as a big reminder of his rock-solid sense of time and amazingly deep pocket. You also get the TV commercials (!) for Couldn’t Stand the Weather and Soul to Soul plus interviews and studio footage of Stevie and Jimmie Vaughan during the making of Family Style. This DVD will make you miss Stevie more than ever, but it will also make you realize how lucky we were to know him for as long as we did.
—Matt Blackett