Rock Band 2: Second Verse Same As The First?

All the noise the Rock Bandvideo game made last year set the stage in a big way for Rock Band 2. The developer, Harmonix, strikes three major chords that ring out in this sequel. Most impressive would be the set list: 84 songs, spanning four decades of rock. Add backwards compatibility and downloadable content, and you’ve got over 300 songs! Next are the instruments.

Aside from becoming wireless, the overall construction is more durable. The Guitar buttons and drum pads have better feedback, and there’s even a metal plate on the drums’ kick pedal. Last, for hardcore gamers, online play has been enhanced—most notably on Battle of the Bands, which is a series of ever-changing challenges where your score is compared to the rest of the online world. Although the game play remains the same, more songs, stronger gear, and enhanced online play ensure that Rock Band 2 definitely cranks up the volume.