A Better Way to Buy and Sell Used Gear

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Building a new rig isn’t easy or cheap. As a matter of fact, it’ll likely put a dent in your wallet for months. That’s why many musicians decide to buy used gear. However, buying used gear isn’t as easy as visiting your local music shop. Whether you go online or locally, the process is complicated, frustrating and sometimes unsafe. That is why NinthBeat was created.

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NinthBeat is a social marketplace for musical instruments where musicians come everyday to buy, sell and connect. NinthBeat cofounder, David Chang, believes passionately that musicians want more than just a store for shopping - they want to be a part of a community where they can connect with one another and share their love for playing music.

“It’s really easy for musicians to sell gear on NinthBeat, either casually or professionally. Take a few photos of the gear you’d like to sell, write a brief description and in less than a minute it’s available for sale. Our goal is to make buying and selling gear simple, safe and fun, creating a social platform for musicians to connect with one another and shop each other’s gear. Just like any social network, musicians find and follow each other on NinthBeat. This creates an authentic shopping environment unlike anything else out there,” says David.

Buyers are able to find unique gear at great prices - from guitars, pedals, bass, amps to keyboard and orchestra. A buyer can make an offer or buy at asking price. Once the seller agrees to the price, the payment is held in escrow until 3 days after the product has been delivered. This protects the buyer and seller from fraud. All transactions are guaranteed by NinthBeat and sellers are able to take advantage of NinthBeat’s discounted shipping rates - saving up to 50% on shipping fees. Best of all, packages are tracked and insured automatically, making it safe and easy.

NinthBeat takes away all the pain points associated with buying and selling gear. Payments, shipping, insurance, and customer service are made simple with NinthBeat. The experience is unified no matter who you are transacting with. This gives musicians more time to do what they do best, create music.

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Payments and NinthBeat Protection
All transaction payments go through an escrow. This means the seller does not receive the money unless the product is delivered as described. If there is a dispute, each case is handled individually. NinthBeat points out that this is a key differentiator as other marketplaces outsource payments to PayPal and they usually side with the buyer, a problem that many sellers have encountered before. NinthBeat takes into consideration all the facts, so both the buyer and seller receive a fair assessment - making NinthBeat one of the safest ways to buy and sell gear.

Discounted Shipping and Insurance
Another benefit of using NinthBeat is that they provide volume discounted shipping and insurance rates. NinthBeat says this can save sellers up to 50% off the retail shipping and insurance costs. This alone is a huge cost saver and a reason use NinthBeat. We all know how much shipping a guitar can be, let alone insuring it.

Simple Flat Fees
NinthBeat charges a simple flat 7% transaction fee when the item is sold. That’s it. There are no hidden credit card fees, listings fees, paypal fees or any other fee. No more surprises weeks after you sell the item. We really appreciate this simple pricing model.

Social Shopping Experience
The best part of the NinthBeat is the social aspect of the experience. NinthBeat seamlessly combines a social experience with shopping. It makes complete sense. Users are able to follow, like and connect with other users. If you have a question, comment on an item like you would on any other social network. If you like a listing, simply make an offer to the seller. The experience is intuitive. It makes so much sense that you’d think something like this should already exist.

In a world where e-commerce has become one and the same, NinthBeat is a welcomed addition to the musical instrument industry. If you are in the market to buy or sell gear, definitely add NinthBeat to your list of places to check out.