New Gear: July 2009

SWIVEL SLIDE Swivel Slide WHAT Guitar slide. WHY Custom fitted ring stays snug around your finger while the outer ring slide swivels into action with the flick of your wrist. SPECS Made from polished stainless-steel. Chrome finish available. Standard North American ring sizes 5- 13. PRICE



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WHAT Wah pedal. WHY Six wahs plus volume pedal. SPECS Second generation version creates no loud pop when the wah circuits are engaged. “Open frequency response” circuitry drives cables at their optimum impedance value to improve harmonics. PRICE $235 retail WEB


H540 SWHumbuckers

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WHAT Pickups. WHY Easily swap alnico-II, alnico-III, alnico-V, or ceramic magnets to dial in a desired tone and output. SPECS Wound to PAF or modern specifications. Available with gold or nickel covers or exposed coils. PRICE $177 to $200 per set, retail WEB


HP Special Stoptail

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WHAT Electric solidbody guitar. WHY String-through-body design creates a seamless connection between the strings, bridge, and string ferrules for maximum tone and sustain. SPECS Available with carved-maple top or flat top with basswood body, birdseye maple neck with birdseye maple, ebony, or rosewood fretboard. Two custom-wound HP Special humbuckers with coil taps. Die-cast Schaller tuners. Adjustable bridge with Peavey Dual Compression tailpiece. Available in transparent amber, black, burgundy, cherryburst, moonburst, tobacco burst, solid metallic blue and red, and gloss black. PRICE $1,399 to $2,499 retail WEB


Polishing Care Cloth

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WHAT Metal or plastic care cloth. WHY Removes rust stains, and polishes your instrument. SPECS Micro abrasive compound. Use metal cloth for rusty, dull metal parts like frets and bridges. Use plastic cloth for pickguards and knobs. PRICE $9 retail WEB



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WHAT Protective skin for your instrument. WHY Fits like a glove and won’t interfere with your instrument’s look, sound, or playability. SPECS Available in Gibskin and Stratjacket body styles. Available colors are Classic Black, Obama Blue, Raging Red. PRICE $29 retail WEB



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WHAT Humbucking pickup. WHY Balance, warmth, and clarity with the same technology as the 36th Anniversary PAF, but with hotter, rock-focused sound. SPECS Four-conductor wiring, alnico-V magnets. PRICE $109 retail, $75 street WEB


ZOID Z-1000

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WHAT Clip-on chromatic tuner. WHY Tuner senses the notes of the instrument through the clip, focusing on the note and rejecting background noise. SPECS Includes Flat Tune function to tune down to Eb and D. Calibration function allows tuner to match pitch from a reference of 433Hz to 447Hz. Lithium battery turns off automatically after three minutes of inactivity. Saves settings on power-down. PRICE $39 retail WEB


Graphite Guitars Concert Series CO-WS1000N2

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WHAT Acoustic guitar. WHY Warm, clear, resonant tones SPECS All-graphite, unidirectional carbon soundboard mimics the tight grain of fine spruce. All-graphite, modified “U” profile N2 neck was designed in collaboration with Steve Miller and luthier John Bolin. Fishman Prefix Plus T electronics. PRICE $3,295 retail WEB


Rock Block Amp

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WHAT1-watt tube amp that doubles as a distortion pedal. WHY Overdriven output tube distortion at low sound levels. SPECS Output tube options: 12AU7, 12AT7, ECC99. PRICE $395 direct WEB


G-Major 2

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WHAT Guitar Multi-Effects Processor. WHY Delays, reverbs, and modulation effects that include “improved” tri-chorus, through-zero-flanger, modulated delays, and Uni-Vibe. SPECS Change patches and presets through MIDI, or use in “stompbox” mode for on/off switching of individual effects. Relay switching options also enable users to switch channels on their amplifier. PRICE $695 retail WEB