New Gear February 2011

Capture allows players to choose what will be delayed by holding down Function footswitch.

A/DA RAD-1 One Second Regenerative Analog Delay

Capture allows players to choose what will be delayed by holding down Function footswitch. Available delay time is 40ms - 1,000ms. $239


Aphex Punch Factory

Optical compressor.$249

Albion Musical Instruments

The new amp line by former Marshall and Vox designer Steve Grindrod introduces TCT hand-wired tube models and AG hybrid amps for guitar, and ABH bass amplification. Prices are expected to run from $160 (entry-level AG series) to $1,066 (TCT 100-watt head)


Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue


Mahogany body, AAA flamemaple veneer top, mahogany neck with 25.5"-scale ebony fretboard, Slant NHT humbucker (bridge), NSX single-coil (middle), NHR minihumbucker (neck).$399

Epiphone Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Goldtop


Mahogany body with carved hard-maple-cap top, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, Gibson USA BurstBucker 3 bridge pickup, Gibson USA BurstBucker 2 neck pickup. Includes hardshell case. $699

Blackstar Amplification HT-1r Combo

Two-channel, 1-watt combo with 1xECC83 and 1xECC82 tubes, one 8" speaker. $379

Epiphone “Worn” 1966 Wilshire with Tremotone


Mahogany body, mahogany neck with 24.75"-scale rosewood fretboard, NYT mini-humbucker (bridge), and NYR mini-humbucker (neck). $449

Aphex Xciter

Tone enhancement pedal. $249

Ernie Ball/Music Man The Game Changer


New technology gives players total control over pickup wiring and combinations. Available on Reflex model guitars. Price

Planet Waves NS Capo Tuner


Combines Dual Action Capo with precision chromatic tuner. Fits standard 6- and 12- string guitars. $64

Morley Mini Wah Volume/ Maverick Mini Switchless Wah


Pedals measure 6.75" in length, 4.5" in width, and 2.75" in height. Electro-Optical circuitry. Mini Wah Volume is $89 street, and Mini Switchless Wah is $99

Planet Waves O-Port


Soundhole insert. Available in large and small sizes, and white and black. $29

Onori International


Onori’s 2011 strap line boasts a variety of combinations, including leather, suede, woven fabrics, embroidered materials, metals, and a special artist series by Kalynn Campbell. $8.95-$

Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro


Plug-in combines tube-amp models, cabinet-impulse modeling, EQ, and studio effects. $149

PRS SE Santana


Carved maple top, flamed-maple top veneer, mahogany back, one-piece “wide-fat” mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, PRS tremolo. $754

Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster


Ash body, tinted maple neck and fretboard with 9.5" radius, mediumjumbo frets, and American Vintage Telecaster single-coils. Includes Fender/SKB molded case. Price TBD.

Hoyer Lady Deluxe


Mahogany body, 24.75"-scale ebony fretboard, Hoyer Humbucker HHB-100 (bridge/splittable), and Hoyer Humbucker HHB-100 (neck/splittable). Available in Deep Black and Wedding White. $1,119 retail.