Jet Lag Gemini

Fire the Cannons [Doghouse]

At first listen it might be easy to dismiss Jet Lag Gemini as yet another overly clever pop/punk power chord band à la Blink-182. The thing that will set them apart, however, is the bitchin’ guitar work of Vlad Gheorghiu. Far from simply hitting distorted eighth-note downstrokes, this guy serves up machine-gun alternate picking, bluesy vibrato, and tasty wah work on solos that appear on damn near every tune on this record. Gheorghiu would seem to have a much deeper record collection than many of his contemporaries—one that probably includes some Hendrix, some Van Halen, and a bunch of other badasses. Anyone who wishes that Warped Tour-era bands would just throw down and play some leads once in a while should definitely give this band a listen.