Hip Tip From Jason Truby

“You have to let the music come out,” says Jason Truby, guitarist for P.O.D. “I think it was Bono who said, ‘When we get out of the way, the music shows up.’ We really try to remove as much of ourselves as possible from the equation, and let the music happen. The less of ourselves we put in it, the more beautiful it becomes.
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Music is a very emotional part of the human experience, and when you’re communicating on that level, you’re tapping into people’s spirits. If you hear a song in a minor key, nobody tells anyone how to react to it—it’s already inside of you. There’s something that was innately put inside of human beings to relate to music. When you start tapping into that in your writing, it becomes a very spiritual part of the human experience. Now while P.O.D. is a Christian band—and being Christian is part of who we are and how we write—when I play a G chord, it’s no different then Angus Young playing a G chord. We just try to connect the chords to create an atmosphere where some special things can happen.” —Steven Douglas Losey