Hip Tip From Chrissie Hynde

“When you’ve written songs as long as I have—and if you happen to have a similar personality—then you get to a point where you’re not trying to impress anybody,” says Chrissie Hynde, rock icon and long-time frontperson of the Pretenders. “There are no new vistas or new types of music I want to explore.

There’s no angst, no emotion, no mood I haven’t already experienced, and it bothers me when a songwriter wants the world to sit down and listen to how they felt about their last relationship. Who cares? I still love singing and playing and writing songs, but I don’t want to be a demanding songwriter. You have to ask yourself whether you think you can get people to really concentrate on your songs for an hour or so. Personally, I don’t think people want to do that, and I’m fine with writing songs that provide a background to a person’s everyday life. You know, something people can put on when they’re getting ready for work. I think that’s the best I can ask of someone. That’s why I now write songs like ‘Clean Up Woman’ [from Loose Screw]. Someone leaves a sink full of dishes for me to do, and I write a song about it. Painters paint what they see, and I’m just trying to write about what I see.”