Hayseed Dixie

Weapons of Grass Destruction [Cooking Vinyl]

I’m a sucker for kick-ass bluegrass interpretations of non-bluegrass tunes, and there’s probably no one better at it than the ridiculously talented Three Ring Circle, who shred brilliantly on songs by Jeff Beck and Stevie Wonder, among others. Well, if the Three Ring Circle boys got sloppy drunk and shot a bunch of rats at the dump before cutting a record, they might sound a bit like Hayseed Dixie. This hilarious and slamming “Appalachian love child of bluegrass and rock” has previously taken on Kiss (Kiss My Grass) and delivered A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC. On their latest outing, HD kicks major grass on covers of “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Paint It Black,” and Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law.” Tracked live in the studio, the playing is powerful enough to tip a cow and they show a lot of respect for the originals as they demolish them by keeping the original keys and nailing signature parts like Harrison’s surmandel lines in “Strawberry Fields.” Throw another hog on the fire, ladle some moonshine out of the tub, and spin this awesome record.
—Matt Blackett