Guyatone TZm5 Torrid Fuzz

KNOBS Level, Tone, Depth, Input Attenuator
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$169 retail/$119 street

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KNOBS Level, Tone, Depth, Input Attenuator

SOUNDS Aggressive fuzz is its specialty, which is enhanced by the pedal’s gargantuan output. Subtlety is not what this pedal is about—even in lower grind settings. Backing down the Input Attenuator cleans up the overall character of the fuzz, yet keeps the fangy top-end intact, while the Phase switch elicits a whole new range of textures—pushing the tones more forward, or cutting them off at the knees for some lo-fi chicanery.

WHO’S IT FOR? If you’re into sick sonic buggery, this pedal can spit, snarl, and cough with the best of them. The Torrid Fuzz doesn’t excel at cleaning up when you back your guitar’s volume down, but it’s a boatload of nastiness in a small package.


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