.Guitars Extension Brings Guitar Community Together on Global Stage

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Uniregistry, Corp is changing the way the guitar world communicates and gathers online. As an alternative to .com, .guitars makes it easier for companies and individuals to build a strong online presence with a web address that immediately identifies them as part of the greater guitar community.

The .guitars extension has already increased exposure for many businesses, including companies like Colby Featherbottom’s Custom Sound Machines (homepage shown right). With a mission to put quality American guitars into the hands of musicians, the company’s new URL, featherbottom.guitars, “made a lot of sense” to founder Ryan Schoeneman of Mount Gilead, Ohio.

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“The domain has made for a clean, professional URL that looks great, generates conversations, and communicates our passion for guitars in one word. Lots of folks see it as a new, tech-y sort of vibe, which fits well with our MO of a traditional craft in a modern era.”

Uniregistry chose to operate .guitars because the company is as passionate about its craft of domain names as the guitar community is about guitars. “The right domain name can change your life,” said Frank Schilling, founder of Uniregistry and “Guitars are just one of those special niches that are near and dear to so many people’s hearts. If there is an instrument that ever changed the world, it’s the guitar.”

Whether you’re a musician, teacher, shop owner, or enthusiast, .guitars offers the best choices for a quality domain name and creates a concise explanation of who you are and what you do while placing you in a community dedicated to guitars.

About Uniregistry
Uniregistry is a domain name registration company creating innovative and intuitive products for users to connect on the Internet. Uniregistry operates 25 new extensions, representing a cross-section of interests including .auto, .photo, .sexy, and .link. Uniregistry also opened its own retail registrar, Uniregistry.com, which offers one of the largest inventories of domain name extensions available in the industry.

To find your .guitars name visit www.domains.guitars.

For more information, visit:

Uniregistry.link – Operator of .guitars
Uniregistry.com – Retail registrar

Featherbottom.guitars – Colby Featherbottom’s Custom Sound Machines