Godin Guitars announces the "Play this Ad' contest

Win a Godin guitar collection worth over $15,000!
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Godin Guitars' ‘ Play This Ad Contest’ is now underway. Participants have a chance to win a collection of Godin guitars valued at $15,000.

A harmonized international campaign created by the renowned Montreal based agency Bleublancrouge, will also set the stage and kick things off on October 1st with web content, posters, and print ads in Guitar Player. The agency came up with a completely new concept to promote Godin Guitars—a print campaign in which guitar tabs are used to write three songs.

Based on the print campaign and to appeal to the music community, Bleublancrouge and Godin Guitars created the Play This Ad contest, which invites guitarists to film themselves playing one of three ad versions and then post their performance on Godin’s YouTube page. The guitar tabs can be played in different ways, allowing musicians to express their creativity.

“Godin is a brand for skilled musicians. The campaign may seem daunting, but it is exclusively for guitarists,” said Gaëtan Namouric, Chief Creative Officer at Bleublancrouge, who is himself a part-time guitarist.

Godin’s Sales and Marketing manager Mario Biferali says “We liked the initial concept from the start. We immediately saw how interactive it will be for guitar players. It’s sophisticated, original, and engages the audience. That sounds like the ideal ad to us!”

Full Contest details here.

Deadline for submissions is Saturday, March 15th, 2014, 5PM (EST)