Fargen Amps Expands its Tube Amplifier Line with the AC Duo-Tone

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Fargen Amplification announced today it has enhanced its tube amplifier line with major upgrades and improvements to three existing amplifier models, and it has introduced a new model, the AC Duo-Tone.

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The AC Duo-Tone is a revolutionary design featuring two distinct channels that cover a wide range of Brit-type tones. “I’ve pushed this dual EL84 tube design to its limits, offering contrasting channels, and sustain for days,” says Ben Fargen, founder and CEO. “The amp features simple controls that cover a lot of ground ranging from AC-Brit style tones to throaty tone.”

The three existing amplifiers in the Fargen line, the Blackbird, Mini Plex MKII and Olde 800 MKII, have each received Fargen’s upgrades and a new look. “We keep an open door to our customers and have welcomed their feedback over the years. The new designs reflect their suggestions, with a touch of my innovative improvements in circuitry and cosmetics’” stated Fargen.

Fargen will demonstrate examples of its product line at this summer’s NAMM show in Nashville in June. All amplifier models are available in a head and matching cabinet configuration, including either 1x12 or 2x12 cabinets.

Ben founded Fargen Amplification in 1998, which has become a thriving boutique company that ships custom-built amplifiers to discerning players on four continents. Ben has developed a reputation as one of the top engineers and visionaries in the amplifier space. He also provides world tour and studio amp support to many of the world’s most celebrated guitarists including Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and in fact, designed Steve’s Legacy II amplifier that was launched by Carvin in January 2009. In addition, Ben recently launched Sonic Edge in March 2010, to focus on manufacturing best-in-class guitar and bass effects pedals.

Check out a demo of the AC Duo-Tone here.

For more information, visit www.fargenamps.com.