Elvis Presley’s Music Makes Cockatoo Shake More Than a Tail Feather | VIDEO

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Elvis Presley’s music has been loved by millions of fans across generations. But it seems he has some fans of a different feather. Literally.

YouTube user Mark Muldoon uploaded this video of his cockatoo’s reaction to his performance of “Don’t Be Cruel,” a tune that was a hit for Presley in 1956. In the video, Muldoon croons the song while strumming an acoustic guitar. One of his two cockatoos starts bopping and raising his crest—the feathers on his head—and eventually breaks into a full dance. 

The other bird, sad to say, is less enthused. But every stage needs just one star, so it’s probably best that there’s no competition for the limelight on that perch.

Keep an eye on Muldoon’s YouTube page for more videos of his feathered friends.