Deirdre Jones on a New Trend in Metal: The Comic Book

Grind's Deirdre Jones identifies a new trend in metal: the comic book.... 
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Grind's Deirdre Jones identifies a new trend in metal: the comic book....

Growing up with many brothers, traits that are normally associated with boys can rub off on a little girl. Playing guitar or watching horror movies are good examples, so are comic books. As a kid I would often creep into my older brother’s room— which was strictly off limits—to mess with his drum set, steal records, and sneak looks at his Zap Comix (I’m pretty sure the early trauma of reading strips featuring the depraved bikers and pirates of S. Clay Wilson so early in life—especially anything with the Checkered Demon—is the reason nothing ever shocks me).

Comics are an open form of expression. S. Clay Wilson himself has compared them to the endless variations in music that are limited only by your imagination. I became aware of a trend when speaking with some of the guitarists that I interview for Guitar Player. Suddenly, it seems, everyone is getting a comic book. Death Angel with Golden Lobster, Dethklok on Dark Horse, and now black metal titans Dimmu Borgir will have a run on Terminal Press with their debut of Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress.

Using song lyrics and band members as characters to structure fantasy-horror story lines, it will be hard to say where one form ends and the other begins. According to my source at Nuclear Blast Records, an exclusive version will be available at Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, and a preview book at Comic Con San Diego.

The full graphic novel won’t be available until later this year, but if you visit Terminal Press, they just may have some promo images to tide you over. And if you happen to check out any S. Clay Wilson comics after reading this, buy a copy. He recently suffered a brain injury and spent several months in the hospital, and can use your support. Each issue includes a new nightmare at no additional cost to you.