CEntrance AxePort Pro

PLAYING GIGS IS NOTMYDAYJOB, NOR IS ITTHAT of my bandmates, so finding time to rehearse together before a show can be tough. When we do, we record an mp3 and e-mail it to everyone so they can practice their parts independently. This has been made all the easier for me thanks to the AxePort Pro ($199 retail/street price N/A), a USB direct box that’s the size of a mini flashlight. The AxePort Pro’s minijack headphone output and onboard volume and gain controls make for easy monitoring, and the 1/4" input allows me to plug in and just start playing. With 24-bit/96kHz performance, you can record with professional-grade clarity, and AxePort Pro also offers a unique “wet/dry” slider (which appears in the software control panel for Mac and Windows) that lets you mix the “dry” zero-latency input signal with the “wet” return from your DAW (including effects plug-ins). This allows you to blend between the direct input—which has zero delay—and the DAW output to balance th

KUDOS Very easy to use. Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X compatibility. USB powered. Rugged solid-metal casing.
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