Buckethead & Friends

Enter The Chicken

Everyone’s favorite KFC bucket-wearing, ex-Guns & Roses, avant-metal virtuoso shredder stretches out on this impressively diverse collaborative effort. Produced by System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian, who also performs on three cuts, this intriguing collection of songs is likely to make the faithful and cynical reconsider Buckethead’s talents in a new light. For instance, “Three Fingers” pairs him with hip-hop poet Saul Williams to deliver an impossibly addictive funk-rap hybrid. Celebrated Ethiopian vocalist Gigi and former Denali singer Maura Davis propel the equally engaging “Running From the Light,” a beautiful, mercurial piece with Buckethead offering up tasteful, melodic leads that seamlessly morph into a full-frontal distortion-fest. It is important to note that his playing serves the songs and not vice-versa on Enter The Chicken. The disc is a significant leap forward for Buckethead and one that should satisfy anyone interested in the art of creative song arranging. (Serjical Strike).