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Yngwie Malmsteen Launches New Guitar Lessons Site, Relentless Shred

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Shredding icon Yngwie Malmsteen has launched his own instructional website for guitarists, Relentless Shred.

All the lessons on the new site, which requires a paid monthly membership, are taught by Malmsteen.

Here's more info, direct from the press release:

"Want to learn to play guitar — and actually impress? Dying to learn Yngwie's techniques? Tired of watching nobodies trying to teach you how to play Yngwie's songs?

"Now, why would you take lessons from a random, when you can learn from Yngwie himself? For the first time in history, Yngwie Malmsteen is giving lessons on how to become a virtuoso like him! Inside, you will find lessons on everything from bending to six-string arpeggios."

The site also offers access to tabs, DVDs and other exclusives.

There are four levels of membership: Bronze ($34.99 per month), Silver ($49.99), Gold ($79.99) and Master Virtuoso ($99.99).

For more information, plus an intro video featuring Malmsteen, head to

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