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Tom Beaujour Discusses New Book, 'Guitar Aficionado — The Collections: The Most Famous, Rare and Valuable Guitars in the World'

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Guitar Aficionado recently announced the launch of a new book made especially for guitar fans — Guitar Aficionado — The Collections: The Most Famous, Rare, and Valuable Guitars in the World.

The book was compiled by former Guitar Aficionado editor-in-chief Tom Beaujour, along with Christopher Scapelliti.

While the photographs are stunning (You can explore all the dings and dents in each guitar), the stories that come with the photos are equally compelling. Lindsey Buckingham, Jimmie Vaughan, Rick Nielsen and Randy Bachman are just a few of the artists who share the history of their gorgeous instruments. Beaujour says many of the featured guitars in the book are "new, legendary guitars," but there's also a final chapter in the book that features classics like Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein and Jimmy Page’s Gibson Les Paul.

Beaujour recently sat down with Kimberly Austin from Rock Book Show to discuss the new book, and you can hear their entire conversation below.

Says Austin: "In this interview, we talk about the stories connected with the classic songs written on these guitars, what era produced the best guitars and how collecting guitars in the pre-internet days lead some musicians on a treasure hunt at used car lots and under stranger’s beds."

This book is available now at Guitar Aficionado's online store.