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Second Pete Townshend SG in a Month Up for Auction

Can it top the $64,000 sale price of the Townshend SG sold last month by Bonhams?

By Christopher Scapelliti

When one of Pete Townshend's cherry-red Gibson SGs went on the auction block in June, it was big news. From the late Sixties through the early Seventies, Townshend smashed numerous SGs onstage while performing with the Who. Somehow, this specimen had survived unscathed and went on to fetch nearly $64,000 at Bonham's Entertainment Memorabilia sale on June 25.

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This month, yet another surviving Townshend SG goes up for auction at Lelands' Spring 2014 Catalog Auction.

According to Lelands, Townshend used this SG onstage in the Seventies during one of the Who's shows in Cleveland, Ohio. He subsequently gifted it to David Spero, a Cleveland disc jockey, who later became manager to Joe Walsh. (Walsh was himself a friend of Townshend and gifted him a 1957 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins guitar paired with a 1959 3x10 Fender Bandmaster, both of which Townshend put to use on Who's Next.)

The guitar comes in its original case and with a letter of authenticity from Spero, explaining how he came into his possession.

The auction concludes July 25. Is it another $64,000 SG? Stay tuned.