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Prince Releases His Latest Track, "HARDROCKLOVER" | AUDIO

The singer-guitarist takes his shots at modern R&B as he expresses his dedication to rock.

By Christopher Scapelliti

Prince has just dropped his latest song, “HARDROCKLOVER,” and you can hear it right here.

The track opens with an ambient vibe as Prince describes a party that’s just not happening until a woman walks in: “She walked into the party and told me to live up to her dreams. We got to get it started. Turn my guitar up so I can make this woman scream!”

At which point, the song takes off as Prince cuts loose on his ax. He plays some especially tasty funk fills from around the 2:20 mark onward.

Along the way, he takes a few shots at pop music—“Sade and Babyface, R&B ain’t got no place”—before making the rock ’n’ roll declaration, “Put some hard rock on, you better cover your ears ’cause you’re about to hear a woman just scream!”

The track is the singer-guitarist’s third standalone track this year, and is a collaboration with 3rdEyeGirl, his backing group. In March, Prince released “What If?”, his remake of a Christian song by Nichole Nordeman. In May he issued “Baltimore,” his pop-rock protest cut made in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death.

Check out “HARDROCKLOVER” below.