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Paul Rodgers on New Bad Company: "It's Not on the Horizon"

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While he'll admit that the recent Bad Company reunion is "extraordinary," legendary vocalist Paul Rodgers is quick to put the damper on the idea of a new album from the iconic band.

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"No, that’s not on the horizon," he recently told the U.K.'s Classic Rock magazine when asked about the possibility of a new Bad Company album. "I’m writing all the time, but I’m moving in a different direction."

Rodgers seemed wary of delving too deep into the past, even with the Bad Company reunion in full swing and a massive Free box set in the works.

"It feels very creative and fresh and new," Rodgers said of his new material, "it’s going to have a touch of classic rock to it because that’s where I come from, but it’s today."

You can read the full interview here.