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New Riff Axelerator Marty Friedman Lesson Pack Raises Funds for Jason Becker

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Riff Axelerator has unveiled a new Marty Friedman lesson pack, aiming to raise funds for Jason Becker—the enormously talented guitarist and composer who has been suffering from ALS for more than 25 years—and his family.

The pack features licks from "Angel," "Valley of Eternity," "Inferno," "11 Blue Egyptians," "Canon ala Koto," "Wicked Panecea" and the eastern sounding run from "Holy Wars," and features instruction from an array of veteran guitarists, including Guido Bugenstock, Ben Higgins, Jonas Tamas and Sam Bell.

100 percent of the proceeds go to the Jason Becker Special Needs Trust. You can watch the video below for more information.

Purchase the Riff Axelerator Marty Friedman lesson pack here.