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Hi-Fi Components to Make the Holidays More Harmonious

Have a hi-fi holiday with a new amplifier, turntable, or speakers.

From the Editors of Guitar Aficionado

Have a hi-fi holiday with a new amplifier, turntable, or speakers.

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No585 Integrated Amplifier Mark Levinson
The No585 integrated amplifier combines superior analog performance with advanced digital audio capability and flexible system configuration. The fully discrete dual-monaural analog circuits delivers excellent imaging, and a Class AB power stage with an oversized 900VA toroidal transformer produces clean, quiet power rated at 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms. The No585 integrates seamlessly into both stereo and 2.1 systems with its 80Hz crossover filter.
LIST PRICE: $12,000

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Performa3 F206 Revel
The Performa3 Series is the latest creation to come out of Revel’s acoustical technology and research. This new design achieves audiophile performance with proprietary drivers, including an aluminum diaphragm tweeter mated to an acoustical lens waveguide and powerful cast-aluminum-frame midrange speakers and woofers with ribbed aluminum cones. The F206 three-way tower is perfect for medium-size systems of 50 to 200 watts and comes in Piano Black, Piano White, or High-Gloss Walnut finishes.
LIST PRICE: $1,750 (each)

Model 15 turntable SME
SME’s new Model 15 allows the cartridge to retrieve the last nth of recorded material. Inspired by the superb Model 10, the Model 15 retains the compact footprint preferred by enthusiasts while its features emulate the excellence of SME’s higher-end 20/3 and 30/2 models. The top plinth and 10-pound aluminum-alloy platter are fully suspended for superb isolation, resulting in satisfying jet-black silences.
LIST PRICE: $7,399.99

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