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Hear Brad Gillis on New Edition of "No Guitar Is Safe" Podcast

Check out the latest edition of the official podcast of our sister publication, Guitar Player.

Listen to a few moments of the second episode of No Guitar Is Safe, the official podcast of our sister publication Guitar Player, and it soon becomes apparent that great gigs find Brad Gillis. For instance, when Gillis was a high school freshman, he played the senior prom in a band of all seniors.

And when tragedy struck the Ozzy Osbourne tour in 1982 in the form of Randy Rhoads’ death in a plane crash, well, it was only a few days later, on a Sunday morning, that Gillis got a strange call.

“At first, I thought it was one of my friends messing with me, because the voice said, ‘This is Ozzy Osbourne, and we want to fly you to New York in two days to audition for the band,’ ” says Gillis, “But I could tell by the delay on the phone line that the call was coming from the East Coast. That’s when then the room started spinning and I felt like I was about to pass out.”

The story only gets more amazing from there.

To hear Gillis tell you, in his own words about this adventure and many others (including his exciting times with Night Ranger and Rubicon)—and to hear him color his stories with dozens of musical examples played on the fire-breathing ’71 Les Paul sitting in his hands—be sure to listen to Episode 2 of No Guitar Is Safe, hosted by Jude Gold.

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