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Guitar Builders from Around the World to Exhibit at Holy Grail Show

The only international boutique guitar show for and by high-end guitar makers returns for 2015.
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What happens when a bunch of wooly-headed guitar builders decide to put on a show?

You get the Holy Grail Guitar Show, an exhibit of builders from around the world, now in its second year.

Like last year, Holy Grail 2015 will be a luthier-driven showcase for highest-quality hand-built guitars. The show itself is devised as a non-profit-making event, with the intention of providing an affordable cooperation platform for the attending luthiers and funding for the European Guitar Builders Association (EGB), the organizers of the show.

Visitors can meet and talk to the guitar builders, and of course try out their guitars in well-equipped demo booths. The show is complemented with a full program of showcase mini-concerts featuring endorsing artists performing on instruments by individual luthiers. There will also be an accompanying program of talks on different topics about the guitar by international experts. The full concert and lecture program will be published over the course of the summer.

Exhibiting luthiers come from as far afield as Japan, Finland, the Island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, Argentina and of course [your country], all adding to the truly international flair of the event. Check out our website for a full exhibitor list. Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015: the only international boutique guitar show for and by high-end guitar makers!

The Holy Grail Guitar Show takes place on Saturday, October 31, and Sunday, November 1, 2015, at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

For more information and the list of exhibitors, please visit the show website.